The biggest sci-fi movies of 2024 are in serious trouble

While the Hollywood writers' strike ended satisfactorily in early October, there's still some way to go before the film industry is officially back in business. All eyes are now on the Screen Actors Guild, which is conducting its own negotiations with studios and streamers. Analysts had high hopes for a quick resolution, even predicting a “traffic jam” as production of all stalled projects resumed. But even if SAG soon reaches an agreement with producers, many of Hollywood's most anticipated 2024 releases will still face unprecedented delays.

Contains deadpool 3, the Ryan Reynolds-Hugh Jackman team-up that fans assumed was still on track for a May 2024 release date. It was halfway through principal photography when it was forced to shut down due to strikes, and now deadline report that dead pool Would have to consider a fall 2024 release at the earliest. Captain America: Brave New World – Originally scheduled for release in June 2024 – may be pushed back deadpool's Early May window. Flipping films in an interconnected franchise isn't ideal, but it's Is The best way to avoid gaps in the dramatic slate.

Disney isn't the only studio rethinking its releases, as two of Paramount's highly anticipated 2024 titles are also in jeopardy. A Quiet Place: Day OneThe prequel to the 2018 hit was on track for a March 2024 premiere, but according to Diversity It has been extended till June.

quiet place Prequel is taking over mission impossible 8 2024 release date.

Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place: Day One is replacing Mission: Impossible 8 On Paramount's schedule. The eighth installment of the decade-long series was scheduled to premiere in June 2024, but production on the film could not begin on time due to strikes. This leads to the next Mission: Impossible A full year back to May 23, 2025.

Paramount and Skydance are apparently rethinking their titles as well. Although this is the second part of a two-parter, Looks like it'll have its own moniker when it hits theaters in 2025. This is a messed up decision: Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One This year has already come and gone, so it's too late to make changes to the title, although it will be toned down in streaming and home releases. But Mission: Impossible is also a nice development for the series, as whatever the eighth film is called will be IMAX-supported. This privilege was not granted to its predecessor, which premiered just a few weeks ago oppenheimer And barbie, And it certainly suffered after being removed from IMAX almost immediately.

Hollywood is doing its best to accommodate production delays, but if studios and streamers had made fair deals with actors, most of 2024's biggest movies could have been saved. Unless they have a change of heart, they will have to make these sacrifices.

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