The Daily Wire Is Making a Live-Action 'Snow White' Movie, Trolling Disney – Hollywood Reporter

Conservative media company The Daily Wire announced it is conducting a live-action snow White Following right-wing backlash over Disney's upcoming live-action film snow White,

Topic snow white and the evil queenThe film (teaser trailer below) stars YouTuber Brett Cooper as the princess in the film, based on the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale, which is now in the public domain.

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boring said, “This is a story about a princess and a prince, about beauty and vanity, about love and its power to bring us from death to life.” “It's our own adaptation of an ancient fairy tale.” Boring made the announcement as The Daily Wire launched Bentiki, a new children's entertainment brand that seeks to take on Disney+ at a time when some conservatives have grown frustrated with the legacy studio.

“It took Disney 100 years to build,” Boring said. “We know we are not what Disney is today, but we hope that over time we will become what they once were: a small studio with big ideas and the courage to pursue them. …While Disney still uses Walt's name, they have abandoned his legacy. (Boring's statement continued on the same lines.)

Cooper hosts Daily Wire-produced show Comments Section with Brett Cooper, “I grew up on the original Grimms' fairy tales, so I'm thrilled that we're bringing this iconic story to life for the next generation!” Cooper said. “Snow White is such a beautiful character, and I am honored to play her. Like all the best fairy tales, this is a story with timeless values ​​like love, friendship, and kindness, and I can't wait to share them.

The move follows Disney's upcoming live-action remake of 1937 snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Causing some culture-war controversy.

At first, conservative critics took issue with the casting of Latina star Ziegler (story of the west) has “skin as white as snow”, as a character in the original Brothers Grimm story described it, and the production transformed the earlier seven dwarfs into a diverse collection of magical creatures of varying size and gender.

Then Ziegler, 22, caused a stir when a flurry of comments she made late last summer resurfaced over the summer, revealing that she didn't like the original film and that the new film would take a very different approach to the iconic character.

Ziegler explained, “She may not be dreaming about true love.” Diversity in September. “She's dreaming of becoming the leader she knows she can be and the leader her late father told her she could be if she was fearless, fair, brave And be truthful.” he told earlier Vanity Fair, “People are making these jokes about us being PC snow White, Where it's like, yes, it is – because it needed it. He said ew The original “is extremely out of date when it comes to ideas of women being in roles of power and what a woman is suitable for in the world.” And he told Extra TV: “The original cartoon came out in 1937, and obviously it was. There is a big focus on her love story with a boy who literally stalks her. Strange. So this time we did not do it.”

Then Wire Did an interview with David Hand, who worked as a designer for Disney in the 1990s and whose father (also named David Hand) was one of the directors of the original film. Hand did not directly criticize Ziegler, but heavily influenced the new film (which no one outside the studio has seen yet, even in trailer form).

“It's a completely different concept and I completely disagree with it, and I know my father and Walt would disagree with it very much as well,” Hand said. He described it as “outrageous” that Disney is “trying to do something new with something that was such a huge success before.” …His views are now very radical. They change stories, they change the thought processes of the characters. …They are creating new things and I am not involved in them. I obviously consider it a little disrespectful (to what) they would have done to some of these classic films. …There's no respect for what Disney did and what my father did. …I think Walt and her would be turning in their graves.

snow white and the evil queen Coming sometime in 2024. Disney's snow White Scheduled for theaters on March 22, 2024. The studio had no immediate comment to The Daily Wire. Project.

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